What we do...

 Koko Blush
Koko & Mandy
I have a deep love and passion for photography.

And no, I am not a photographer. 

If my house was on fire and I was able to rescue only one material thing, it would be my pictures.

Despite not having expertise in the technical aspect of photography, I regard photographs as priceless mementos and are the catalysts for my inspiration. Dreaming up the perfect photo shoot, complete with one-of-a-kind backdrops, amazing wardrobe, out-of-the-box props and unique personalization elements and then creating them is a passion and goal of mine.

With this said, anyone that knows me, knows that my true passion is being an advocate for women and children. I have big dreams for what our company can do to support women & children's shelters, as well as to support education for prevention of abuse and neglect. 

 I know all too well what it is to go without and wish every child had what every child deserves. This is why it is so important for me to have a portion of everything I do go to supporting women & children in need.

I know I could never work this hard if I didn’t have the drive to do so much more to support the children that truly have nothing. When we support each other, especially from women to women, to help those whose confidence needs mending and spirits need a hand, the true benefactors are the children.

Our hope with the Koko Blush & Co, is that together we can share this journey with you and enrich each other’s lives, as we beautify someone’s special moment, one special occasion at a time.